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You’ll find the best places to visit on your honeymoon in Africa.

Honeymoons are all about celebrating your new life together, and the world is a great place to do that! You can get lost in travel blogs and make a bucket list of all the places you think you need to see before you die.

Or you can go with the flow and take it one day at a time as you explore Africa and an outstanding honeymoon destination.

There’s no need to plan every trip detail here—you’re on vacation! So you should relax and enjoy being with your spouse for the first time without worrying about anything else.

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned from travelling around the world, it’s that no matter where you go, people will always be kind and welcoming.

So here are some things I recommend doing if you’re planning on a honeymoon destination in Africa :

#1: Go on Safari!

This is probably number one on everyone’s list of things they want to do in Africa, but don’t overlook it. It’s pretty amazing how many animals live there—it’s hard not to visit at least once.

If you’re travelling alone, don’t worry about it—a lot of guides will take care of you, and even if they don’t, most places have a definitive guide who knows the area so well he can steer you through whatever situation arise.

You’ll also be in complete control of your time since any safari that takes longer than three days is considered “long” by most people. Plus there’s no need to travel with other people on this trip because there are plenty of places in Africa where you can go alone!

#2: Go to the Beach!

I know some people think that Africa is all desert, but if you look more closely at the maps and check out photos online, be awed by the sheer size of it. It’s an excellent way to get close to animals, gets up close and personal, and absorb the beauty of nature.

Here you can read about the Beaches in Mozambique

#3: Visit Stone Town!

This is one of the most beautiful places in Africa, and I love it here because it feels so authentic; you can feel as if you’ve been transported back to ancient times.

And if you want to have the best time in Africa, plan your trip on a weekend when a Street Festival is going on—it only happens once every few years, so don’t miss out!

A wide variety of holidaymakers begin their Zanzibar journey with a stay in Stone Town, a historic part of Zanzibar Town situated in the western section of the city.

the architecture and also cuisine in Rock Community are affected heavily by a mix of cultures, including Arabic, Indian, Persian as well as British.
Stone Community Zanzibar is understood for its ancient style and street food society.

Also, it is a significant attraction for tourists, who can kick back knowledge that English is commonly spoken along with Swahili. The town is risk-free for vacationers and solo tourists, and locals are eager to aid.

#4: See some wild lions!

I recommend visiting three big parks in Tanzania— on the road. The most scenic drive I took was from Zanzibar to Dar Es Salaam, where I visited Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with beautiful architecture and narrow cobblestone streets.

And, of course, there are all kinds of beautiful creatures to see—lions, hippos, cheetahs and rhinos are just some of the animals you’ll find in Africa.

But, of course, the best way to do this is to go on a Safari that takes you through the bush and into villages along the way—Savannah Safaris’ trips are fabulous!

Besides allowing you to see lions and other animals up close (and personal), they also have exceptional cultural experiences like meeting local people or experiencing local cuisine. Learn from every single occasion.

Also, Zanzibar Island is referred to as Africa’s exotic heaven, supplying the world’s most gorgeous beaches. There are miles of white sandy coastlines dotted with hand trees, surrounded by the clear azure water of the Indian Ocean.

Zanzibar becomes part of the Zanzibar Island chain along with Pemba Island and many other smaller islands. Zanzibar Island offers a laidback beach life but a large variety of tasks, a vivid culture and a deep history.

On an exciting scenic tour, visit the fantastic reef and swim among the tropical reef fish. The island of Zanzibar offers everything you need for a memorable honeymoon.

#5: Visit a Farm or Market!

You never know what you’ll find at the markets and farms in Africa. My husband and I stopped by a small open-air market in Lagos to wander around, inhale the smells, and watch people shop.

Lagos’ open-air markets are a must-do experience. The vibrant screen of products, the crush of bodies, and the hum of voices bargaining over goods are the essential things that add to the uniqueness of the marketplaces.

Additionally, that unavoidable excitement that hovers in the air makes shopping a pleasure– specifically if you have a silver tongue.

You’re well-versed in the art of bargaining. Then we went to a nearby farm for lunch (they have the best fish anywhere!)

Watching how they raised their animals was so interesting—it made me so happy that they were free to run outside without fences separating them from other animals.

One cow liked to jump up on her stall and then sprawl out over everything like she owned the whole place!

Let’s talk about some places:

#6: The Great Sand Sea in Namibia

This is one of Africa’s most beautiful places, accessible from Cape Town or Johannesburg. You can see the desert at its finest without worrying about getting lost or attacked by lions or other wild animals!

With good reason, this is a tourist ‘hotspot’, attracting more visitors than any other. Right here, the dune formations on either side of the (usually) parched riverbed are exceptionally high and impressive.

Gain access is reasonably accessible on a tarmac road, and various accommodation options are nearby. One of the most photographed websites around is Dead Vlei, where the bony skeletons of camel-thorn trees that expanded below 900 years ago stand in a white-clay frying pan, surrounded by tall red dunes.

#7: Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

This is another of Africa’s most famous landmarks, meaning there will be many more people than you’d expect when you go here! But they’ll probably all be nice to you since it’s famous.

Victoria Falls presents a magnificent sight of stunning elegance and magnificence on the Zambezi River, forming the boundary between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

It was told by the Kololo people living in the area in the 1800s as ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’– ‘The Smoke that Rumbles’. In more modern-day terms, Victoria Falls is known as the best curtain for dropping water worldwide.
Columns of spray can be seen from miles away as, at the height of the rainy period, more significant than five hundred million cubic meters of water per minute plunge over the edge, over a size of virtually two kilometres, right into a chasm over one hundred meters listed below.

#8: Etosha National Park in Namibia:

If you’re looking for something quieter than Victoria Falls, this place might be right up your alley—it has tons of wildlife and gorgeous scenery!

Etosha National forest is unique in Africa. The park’s foremost attribute is a large salt frying pan that can be seen from the room. Yet bountiful wildlife gathers around the waterholes, offering almost guaranteed game sightings.

At the same time, Etosha National Park is among the most easily accessible game reserves in Namibia and also Southern Africa.

The park is malaria complimentary, accessible in a regular sedan car, and etcetera camps offer a variety of holiday accommodations, dining establishments, watching decks, stores, and petrol stations. Extravagant centres in Etosha’s remote areas have added leading end-holiday capacity to the park’s offerings.

#9: The Serengeti National Park

This park is known for its incredible wildlife and scenery, so it’s no surprise that we chose it as one of our top spots for your honeymoon. It’s home to countless animals like lions, rhinos, giraffes, elephants, hippos…the list goes on! But don’t worry!

These animals aren’t dangerous—they want some time off from their daily lives to catch up with nature. The park also has beautiful views and plenty of areas to sit back and relax under the stars while watching a herd of elephants pass overhead.

Add this to your itinerary if you haven’t already! Giant animals do not just occupy the Serengeti National Park. Vibrantly tinted agamas and rock hyraxes hurry throughout the isolated rock formations in the middle of the savannah, likewise called granite kopjes.

Almost 100 types of pile worm beetle have likewise been detected in the Serengeti, in addition to greater than 500 types of birds, including ostriches, assistant birds as well as black eagles

#10: Lake Nakuru National Park

If you’d like to experience exotic wildlife, head south of Nairobi to Lake Nakuru National Park. This park also has many animals like lions, elephants, hippos, and more.

The creatures in this park are surprisingly tame, so you won’t even have to hide behind a tree when you hike. At times, as many as 2 million flamingos lay around the lake like a pink-red band.

Unfortunately, more and more flamingos are staying away due to the lake’s climbing water level and the resulting reduced food base for the flamingos. However, the location is a bird paradise with around 500 types.
Rhinos were introduced in the 1990s. Today, the national forest is a basic shelter for rhinoceroses and the unusual Rothschild giraffe. However, Waterbuck, gazelles, lions, leopards, and baboons can still be spotted throughout monitoring journeys.

The surrounding area provides a diverse landscape. In the southeast, there is a big euphorbia forest, which includes tree-sized succulents.

From popular vantage points, such as the Baboon Cliff in the west, you can see the lake and a section of the Break Valley with a beautiful scenic view.


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